My name is Kelly Brouillard and I am a Librarian. Man, I love saying that! I’m also a GenXer, native Texan, bookworm, movie lover, lifetime Girl Scout, NASCAR fan, amateur photographer, and I collect owls.

You probably came here to learn more about me as a professional librarian, and likely don’t care so much that I love football, my family, and my Border Collie-Australian Shepherd pup named Bentley. So, here it goes…

I am a highly motivated, energetic individual with 11+ years of experience working in public and academic libraries, including 8 years of supervisory experience. I strive to provide exceptional customer service, and always with a smile. I have a range of personal and professional interests, which allow me a great deal of flexibility. In my professional work and volunteer roles, I continue to seek opportunities in which I can utilize and refine my leadership skills. I believe interpersonal communication is my greatest strength.

This site is designed to provide additional details regarding the professional knowledge and skills gained in the 11+ years of my professional library work. In addition to my resume, you will find examples of library programs and events, marketing and information materials, and special project, all coordinated, designed, and managed by me.


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